What is Sustainable Farming?

W h a t i s S u s t a i n a b l e F a r m i n g ?

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Today, the need of new methods of farming is much needed for us. Our food demands are ever-growing, and so is our need to sustain our natural resources. On a much larger platform, today we need to promote the importance of soil health, minimum use of groundwater and reducing pollution levels. Sustainable farming is a pool of a few healthy practices that agriculture practitioners need to adopt immediately. From restoring to nourishing soil to saving energy to saving resources sustainable farming practices are the robust solution to the changing climatic conditions today. With these many solutions to the problem, humans have various challenges too. Amongst them is the amount of food we all waste. Globally half of fruits and vegetables are wasted each year.

Why do we need sustainable farming?

By an estimate, the world population is projected to reach 9.6 billion people by 2050. This implies that food production must increase by 70 per cent to meet the demands of such a huge population. Considering this huge growth in the population, it is very important that major reforms are required in the agricultural sector to meet the demands of the food system. Specifically, we need to shift our agriculture methods from the conservative industrial food system that has characterized food production for ages to sustainable farming. For a planet bedevilled with droughts and challenges in energy demand, a change from conventional industrial food systems to sustainable agriculture can be quite promising in the long run. While contemporary agriculture produces a lot of agricultural jobs and generates massive amounts of output within a harvest season, it comes with several devastating problems that require sustainable farming practices to remedy the mess.

Today, as you scroll down, we will talk about reasons why sustainable farming or agriculture is vital for the food security of future generations.

It nourishes and restores the soil. Generally, conventional agriculture is characterized by heavy tillage and heavy use of fertilizers to increase farm output. Moreover, conventional farming fails to nourish the soil with the essential nutrients required to grow highly nutritious plants. While contrary to conventional industrial farming, sustainable agriculture places a lot of emphasis on soil nourishment, which ultimately results in healthier plants and animals. If the soil is healthy, plants have the required nutrients and can withstand attacks from pests that cause many diseases in the crop.

It saves energy. One of the key features of industrial farming is that it is heavily dependent on energy-intensive machinery and specifically on fossil fuels. In fact, you will be surprised to know that industrial farming is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the world today. While opposed to that sustainable farming aims at minimizing the use of energy at all levels of production. It not only uses less energy but also adopts smart farming systems. By removing the use of natural resources like fossil fuels and less use of energy, sustainable farming helps in reducing the environmental pollution. By doing so, it will also help in combating climate change which is the biggest danger that the world is battling right now. Sustainable farming also helps in conserving and protecting water. In this farming method, several techniques are used to conserve water such as drip irrigation and mulching.

We at Livanam Farms believe in introducing sustainability as a way of life and creating a generation of ecologically sensitive beings. By using sustainable practices, we have literally transformed typical degraded land into a thriving natural food forest. At Livanam, we offer a safe and enriching experience of living with nature. We have amenities like eco stay, forest trail, meditation zones, play zones and an animal farm. We have the potential to increase the commune members investment by providing a unique experience which is healing and refreshing.

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