M a k i n g o f S a n c t u a r y

Livanam farm 1
Livanam farm 1

Land Identification

Getting this right took us more than 6 months


Leagal Due Diligence

Thanks to Indian landholding structure, this is often riddled with pitfalls


Power Infra and Irrigation Setup

Organizing this will test your patience apart from Money. Establishing right water source – you need luck and money


Living Quarters

Living quarters not just for you but also for the labor and live stock.

2 lakhs per annum just for a pair of farm hands

Soil Improvement, Plantation

No Soil is perfect, Soil amendment cannot be avoided.

Right reflection of flora is super important to ensure a resilient farm.

Orchard establishment doesn’t happen by chance, need to have the right know how

Security & Maintenance

Not just a solid boundary, Farm security is important too.

Take it easy, here all the hard work goes down the drain.

A r t i s t S e r i e s

Our estate-grown wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our historic vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of this unique terroir. Enjoy the vast variety of flavors and experiences our wines bring you and your loved ones.